The manifestation of the wisdom of God to accomplish His purposes on earth, and not the ideas of a man.


CMN was established to co-exist with the leadership in the local church by giving support in developing a strong and effective ministry to men through the Majoring in Men Curriculum which is supported by resources such as Books, DVDs and other training materials. We also provide ministry ideas and opportunities for evangelism  in small groups e.g. life groups, prison ministry or the work environment. All material is supplied for the definitive purpose of discipling men. This in turn will release the men to achieve their God-given potential as spiritual heads of their homes, bless wives and children whilst at the same time strengthening families and communities.

Strong communities make the nation strong. When men accept their responsibility to guide, guard, and govern in righteousness both at home and work, stability and strength are provided, vision is maintained and  Peace reigns. 

State of Purpose


I believe God has called this ministry  to speak with a prophetic voice to the men of this generation.


God has commissioned us with a ministry Majoring in Men, to bring men to an identification with Christ and impress upon them the reality that  'Manhood and Christlikeness are synonymous'.


The original message God gave is stated in the book Maximized Manhood. Continuing understanding of His Word has caused it to grow and be multiplied.


However, the basic truth of being identified with Christ, which is the essence of salvation, is finding greater application in men's lives more so today than ever before. We do not minister for reaction but for results. In 1981, after twenty-eight years of ministry, the Majoring in   Men Ministry was born. 


We have now ministered to 10,000,000 men at Christian Men's events including retreats, church services, radio, television, books,and satellite broadcasts. It is estimated that thousands have had life-changing experiences with many testifying to the salvaging of their marriages and personal transformation.

To see men changed through the power of the Gospel is our goal. For that purpose, to that end, and for God's glory, this ministry is given to fulfill His calling and to impact men with the message that  'Manhood and Christlikeness are synonymous'.

Upcoming Events





To be a good father, one must learn to be a good son. It is imperative for a father to give his son a good example (model) to follow.


To be a good earthly father, one must first be a good son of God.


The father always establishes the atmosphere in the home. Genesis 2: 15 (Guide, Guard and Govern)





God's Word teaches that what happens to a man cannot rule him. As men, we have to learn to endure the tough times that come with everyday life. We will always rise or shrink to the level of what is in our own souls, regardless of the circumstances. Joseph's life in Scripture was not determined by what happened to him. He was beaten, left for dead, sold as a slave, betrayed by a woman, tempted, put in jail, and yet, everywhere he went, he became an achiever.

Our lives are not determined by what our father may have done to us, how Mom left us, who we married, the job we lost, who won the election, or any kind of opposition. Jesus said, "A man out of the good treasure of his heart brings forth good things" (Matthew 12:35). It is not what happens to us, but what is in our hearts that determines the quality of our lives. It is what a man thinks in his heart and how he diligently keeps his heart, that determines how he perseveres through the issues of life.

By educating ourselves in God's Word, we can respond in the right way to times of crisis. "He who walks with the wise men will be wise, but the companion of fools will be destroyed" (Proverbs 13:20). We become educated by listening to wise men. When tough times come, "anxiety in the heart of man causes depression. But a good word makes it glad" (Proverbs 12:25). Wise men can provide the "good word" that encourages us to overcome.

I was greatly touched by the life of Ed Cole, as were millions of men who never had the privilege of meeting him that I had. He was my friend. He was one of the "wise men" who enriched my life. I pray you will allow this book to speak a "good word" into your life as well. Whatever you are facing today, lean into the truth of God's Word and believe wholeheartedly that God WILL fulfill His promises to you.
Brian Houston
Founder and Senior Pastor, Hillsong Church






36,000 Leaders training men in 120 nations

For over 40 years the Christian Men’s Network has been a highly effective global movement of pastors and leaders dedicated to training men toward their roles as servant-leaders in their families, church and culture



Manhood and Christlikeness 


          are Synonymous


Majoring in Men
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Marriage may be the closest thing to Heaven or Hell any of us will know on this earth.
Men and women have strengths that complement each other
You don't drown by falling in the water; you drown by staying there.
The degree of loving is measured by the degree of giving.



We are CMN. We rescue men!
CMN partners with churches to build strong men.
Nothing is more thrilling, nothing gives as deep a sense of satisfaction, as reaching into the life of a man and seeing God make a profound change. We go after men in desperate situations around the world.
Will you reach out to the men in your world?

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