The Bigger Breakfast!

August 4th, 2009

It's good to get together and eat. We know that the first Christians did so every time they met and Christians have gathered together.

Men's groups have, for many years, regularly gathered together for their own men's breakfasts. Over the past few years, these once-monthly events have become an endangered species, becoming the exception rather than the norm. The Baptist Men's Movement (BMM) wants to change that by reintroducing the concept to churches.

Many churches last year reported that the Bigger Breakfast was the first men's breakfast that they'd held in years but popular demand meant that they needed to do another one soon. So what next?

The Bigger Breakfast takes place on Saturday 10 October 2009. We'll all need to sit down for our cooked breakfast around 9.00am. Where you host it is up to you. It could be in someone's home, your church hall, or even a local café, pub or restaurant. You might even be adventurous and go for the big outdoors (weather permitting of course!)