Aims and Goals

To see the truth of God's Word set men free and to have their lives maximised, impacting families, churches, communities and nations.

To produce faithful men, able to teach others (2 Timothy, 2v2).

To inspire, build up and encourage men's ministry groups in Churches, producing strong men who will support their church leaders.

By the revelation and power of The Holy Spirit bring conviction, release and change.


  1. The discipline' of reading God's Word.

  2. The teaching of God's principles revealed through the book Maximized Manhood' by Dr Edwin Louis Cole.

  3. By the discipline of meeting regularly together through the seminar and the system of repeat teaching and reinforcement.

  4. By the accountability of Self Tests' and Final Exam.

  5. By the recognition of achievement and presentation of Completion Certificates'.

  6. By the training of graduates into Leaders who will teach others.

  7. Most importantly by the revelation and power of The Holy Spirit bringing conviction, release and change.