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A.C. Green, NBA "Ironman"

"This book helped instill the courage to face professional sports. Read it, become the champion God created you to be."

Evander Holyfield, World Heavyweight Champion "Learn in your youth that God will give you victory."

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This book is a call to all who want to be champions, a challenge for all young men who desire to be a success in life, an exhortation to live!

From the streets of New York to the mountains of Nepal, young and old are fighting a war waged against them by the enemy of their souls, both physically and spiritually.

More than ever before in history, young men today must be trained to be men and have the courage to live in that manhood. If you have the guts to to more than wallow in a moral mass of mediocrity, this book is for you!

Don’t waste your youth! Live your God-given dreams! This book will train you in manhood, in responsibility, in maturity and in warfare. The only question is, do you have the courage to read it?



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