Absolute Answers

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In the confusion of our contemporary culture, man’s prodigal nature causes patterns of destructive behaviour, debilitating strife, devastating stress and destiny denied. Yet God has provided a clear pathway home.

Absolute Answers to Prodigal Problems is the breakthrough volume men requested from Edwin Louis Cole in his final years of life. In it, Dr. Cole charts a course to fulfilment as a man, written from the wisdom of his own journey from being a prodigal to becoming one of the most prominent ministers of the last century.
With his clear, compassionate help, you will learn:

* How to leave adolescence to act like a real man
* The nature of rebellion, including sedition
* How to have an awesome marriage
* The keys to business success
* The secrets to a powerful, Godly life
* What to do when you fail

With these absolute answers to your prodigal problems, you can build a positive, productive life!

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“The story of the prodigal is not simply a story of a runaway son, but it’s your story, my story and that of all humanity.” – Edwin Louis Cole


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