Thousands of men found salvation through Jesus, leading to countless families being reunited. Fathers rediscovered their love for Jesus and their children, and marriages found new hope and restoration.
CMN Global Impact - 100,000 Men

At a CMN event in Mexico, a young businessman shook my hand and said, “I just wanted to say Gracias. I was in a bad marriage, and we were getting a divorce. I blamed it all on my wife.

“Then I went through Hombria al Maximo to see if it could help my business. What I learned is that I was the one who was wrong. I started meeting with men who prayed. I repented to my wife.”

He said, “I know you meet a lot of people, but as a regular man from a small town in Mexico, I just wanted to tell you this ministry changed our lives.”

His pregnant wife was crying, and so was I. He finished with, “Our marriage is a miracle.” His pastor quickly added, “It really is a miracle. He was a really bad guy.” We all laughed. Joy. Renewal.

You’re a vital part of the team … praying, working and leading others