MiM: Max Man Set (Book + Work Book)


Maximize your life, as millions of men have worldwide, by studying the Christian classic, Maximized Manhood! Edwin Louis Cole, the “father of the Christian Men’s movement,” spoke with a prophetic voice to men. Just months before leaving earth for Heaven, he revised his signature work, adding five crucial chapters he believed would strengthen Maximized Manhood for the next generation.

This book is loaded with the same anointed truths that made the Original Maximized Manhood a best seller with over a million copies sold. Five more chapters: Adult Boys, It’s in the Heart, Take it to the Cross, That’s My Dad and Burn Out; Don’t Fade Out. You’ll want to add this one to your classic collection of Ed Cole books.

“This is a book to men but for women – because when a man changes, the entire family is blessed. Every woman should read this book.”
– Nancy Corbett Cole

Maximised Manhood (Book)
1 × Maximised Manhood

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Maximised Manhood (Work Book)
1 × Work Book - Maximized Manhood

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MAJORING IN MEN® Curriculum Set includes book and workbook

The best-selling book for men in the world…just got better!


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